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Sermons, Photos, Stories, and More!

Wow, do we have a lot of updates to talk about! We've been busy working to make this website better than ever. Here's what's changed since August:

Sermon Page

Our Sermons page got a major overhaul. Now, you can select a YouTube playlist of videos that are grouped in a series, or you can click "Uploads" to see the last 25 videos we've uploaded.


Our Blogs have now been split into the Pastors' Blogs and the PIT Crew's Blogs. Enjoy reading through these for inspiration.

Photo Galleries

Our Photo Galleries now appear as slideshows, and are found on one page for easier navigation.

Story Wall

This is a new feature! We have a place where you can tell us how you found Jesus or about something that God has done in your life. Check it out!


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