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How Smart Are You?

Whoever heeds life-giving correction
will be at home among the wise.
Those who disregard discipline despise themselves,
but the one who heeds correction gains understanding.
--Proverbs 15:31,23 (NIV)

Recently, I've been re-reading a few older books in my library. One book, Witnessing Without Fear, contains a list of questions to help one start conversations about God. In that list is one of my favorite questions: "If what you are believing is not true, would you want to know?"

I love that question because it causes a person to pause and consider whether their resistance is due to pure disbelief or perhaps a little pride or fear. I don't just love to present that question to others, I often ask myself that same question: In my life, am I open to the possibility that I may be wrong or believe something incorrectly? Saying "yes" to this question goes beyond just admitting that I may be wrong. It also means that I desire to discover my errors and am willing to go through the pain of correcting my mistakes. Truth seekers, which I claim to be one, will take truth wherever and however they can find it.

What about you? Do you really want to know what your peers thought of your latest presentation? Do you really want to know what character traits your spouse would love to see you work harder on? When you go to church or read the Bible are you expecting to hear things that go against your natural way of doing life so you can make course corrections?

Just by saying these things, I am asking for you, if you know me, to offer correction to me. I hope I bring this attitude with me everywhere I go. While I love being around people who are humble and teachable, it is so hard to be one of those people. But it is the path to being wise.

--Matt Gregory, Lead Pastor @ Soul Purpose Community Church


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