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Messed Up

No one likes to mess up. But mess up we all do. (Sound like a Yoda statement?) All of us develop theories as to why we messed up in the past and how to prevent it in the future. We store away lessons like:

  • * Don't wait until the teacher passes out the test to think about studying.
  • * Just because someone can say the words "I love you" does not mean it is so.
  • * Buying now, paying later, is a wonderful, terrible thing.

The Bible is filled with wisdom, and some of the most helpful insights are those regarding failure. Israel went through a long era (told in the book of Judges) where they lost battle after battle. Like us, they surely developed theories as to why they were repeatedly failing: The other side had better weapons. We're better at fighting on hills, not valleys. We didn't get our rest last night. (Well, maybe not that last one.)

The back story is told by the narrator of Judges: "Every time Israel went out to battle, the Lord fought against them, causing them to be defeated..." Judges 2:15, NLT

God had not arbitrarily switched sides, but Israel had:

"They abandoned the Lord to serve Baal." Judges 2:13

Yes, sometimes we fail because we are fighting against God, and He against us. The next time you experience failure, consider the possibility that you may be fighting God. Ask yourself:

"Have I switched allegiances anywhere in my life?"
"Is there anyone or anything that I am valuing and serving over God?"

It may be that your failure is a result of fighting God.

--Matt Gregory (Lead Pastor @ Soul Purpose Community Church)


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