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What Does The Bible Say About "Snow"?

Many of us have "snow on the brain" due to the recent weather patterns. Maybe the schools will have another snow day tomorrow...maybe everything will just be called off until March. Since I also have "snow on the brain" (I caught the affliction from my kids and schoolteacher wife.) I decided to look up what the Bible says about "snow".

According to (great site and great app for your mobile device), the word "snow" is mentioned twenty-four times in the Bible. Most of its references are to the color of snow, sometimes positive (Jesus, after the resurrection in Matthew 28:3), sometimes negative (leprous skin in Numbers 12:10).

Other references to snow point to the great power God displays in various types of weather: "Have you entered the place where the snow is stored? Or have you seen the storehouses of hail...?" (Job 38:22, HCSB).

My favorite biblical reference to snow is found in Psalm 51. In this psalm David is pouring out his heart to God, asking for undeserved forgiveness after his sins of adultery and murder. He knows he will be forever stained with guilt unless God miraculously cleanses him. Yet this psalm is filled with faith and hope that God will give him a new start and make him totally clean. David knows that his relationship with God has always depended on God's faithful love and mercy. He knows that, though totally undeserved, God will see His penitent heart and will forgive him once again. I love this about God, and I love snowy days which remind me that when God washes my sin-stinking soul, "I will be whiter than snow" (Psalm 51:7, HCSB).

--Matt Gregory (Lead Pastor @ Soul Purpose Community Church)


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