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Word on Wednesday...

Most of us have seen the Geico commercial where a camel is a little over-happy about celebrating Wednesday as the mid-week mark or "hump" day.  (If you've missed it, you can see it here.)

Sometimes spiritually, I think we experience the same thing.  We get energized and excited about living for God on Sunday and then...well, life happens:  the car breaks down; we have an argument with our spouse; we are facing ethical dilemmas at work.   

Last Sunday's pep talk seems so far away.  The coming Sunday's spiritual pick-me-up seems like it will never get here.

So how do we go on when we're far removed from Sunday's church worship service?

The apostle Paul points us to the Scriptures in Romans 15:4 (HCSB):"For whatever was written in the past was written for our instruction, so that we may have hope through endurance and through the encouragement from the Scriptures."

Did you catch it?  God isn't just there for you on Sunday's at church.  He wants to give you hope and encouragement EVERY day.  The way we can tap into this hope and encouragement is to open up the Bible daily and listen to what God wants to speak into our lives.

We're (Soul Purpose Community Church) going to start sending you this little e-devotional each Wednesday.  We hope it helps you make it over the mid-week blues.  But honestly, you don't even need us.  Open up God's Word.  He's got some hope and encouragement waiting there for you.  Grab some now! 

--Matt Gregory, Lead Pastor @ Soul Purpose Community Church


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