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Members of our Ordination Training (affectionately called the "PIT Crew", for Pastors In Training) share the experiences of their faith journeys.


In Genesis 29:20-28, we see the story of Jacob agreeing to work for Laban for seven years in order to earn the right to marry Rachel. After that seven years was complete, a wedding feast was held and Jacob was to have his bride, yet Laban tricked Jacob and gave him his other daughter Leah instead (due to Rachel being the younger of the two and it being customary for the oldest to marry first). Laban told Jacob if he were to work for another seven years, then he could have Rachel too; Jacob agreed. Jacob would soon marry Rachel and then work another seven years for Laban, totaling 14 years he worked to earn her hand in marriage.

In today's society, we are ruled by instant gratification. We find ourselves, more than ever, questioning the worth of something and our desire for it if we have to wait and work for it. Could any of us work for 14 years, or even 7 as originally agreed upon, to gain something we want? The most important goals and desires are worth working for and waiting on. By working and waiting, we gain a deeper appreciation for what we've earned. Patience is extremely difficult to have when we need it the most, but it is key for truly achieving our goals.

--Brandon Reed (Pastor-In-Training @ Soul Purpose Community Church)


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