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Members of our Ordination Training (affectionately called the "PIT Crew", for Pastors In Training) share the experiences of their faith journeys.

The Word on "March Madness"

March Madness is in full swing. As a big college basketball fan, this is a time of great anticipation and heartache (as my team lost a tight game). Each season, the allure of March Madness is seeing the team that no one gives a chance that goes and pulls an upset win. The Mercer team members were probably the only people who felt they could beat mighty Duke. They knew it would be hard, they would face tough times but they were well-prepared and able to finish with the victory.

We often look at things in our lives and feel the odds are too great for us to overcome. We think about it and it makes us shiver. But just like a team in March Madness, we can also pull off the impossible. All we have to do is be prepared.

Nahum 1:7 says, "The Lord is good, a strong refuge when trouble comes. He is close to those who trust in Him."

We can prepare by ensuring that we stay close to God and trust in Him. Then we will be able to overcome the tough times in our lives. Just like Mercer practiced for the tough game, we can "practice" for the tough times by taking time each day to spend with God. If we stay well-equipped to handle trials before they happen and put our trust in the right Person, we will be prepared to pull our one shining moment out of what looks like an impossible task!

--Reggie Rodman (Pastor-In-Training @ Soul Purpose Community Church)


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