Adam Moyer

Before I came to Christ, I was self-destructive and unfocused. I have always cared for others more than myself. I was raised in a Christian household and my parents did the best they could with me. Truth is the older I got, God became less and less a part of my focus in life. Whether he was there or not was irrelevant. I was determined to make my own path through life, with or without Him. There has been too many downtimes and I'm ashamed to admit that these were the only times I prayed for almost two decades, even when God has repeatedly made Himself known in my life by answering prayers and events I've experienced. For the most part, I dedicated my life to the things nearest and dearest to me; Sarah who is now my wife, my friends, and my music. What happened six years ago in my life took a toll on all three. I lost two close friends of mine within several weeks of one another, one of whom was a best friend. Death became a reality to me. I alienated my family. I was angry to even be alive. Especially when I started to see how others chose to cope with the deaths of our friends. Things I thought were dishonorable. I alienated them. I became a hermit, and stayed home when I was off work and chose to stay only around my friends that were also angry about their deaths. I immersed myself into music and sought out to get the meanest and fastest sounds known to man. Over the next three years, Sarah was away at Blacksburg for school, and I was alone in this mentality. I thought I was alone. As I roamed around in this dark cloud of stubborn self-righteousness for the first year, a couple events took place that I was unable to ignore. The first event took place when I was on my way home from dropping a friend off at his house. It was late at night and I had worked a long day and had been losing lots of sleep. I started fighting to stay awake by blaring the CD I had in, which proved to be pointless, cause I woke up to it several minutes later. A soft part of the song was playing and woke me up. The singer was singing, "The seasons whither away." I never put a whole lot of thought into those lyrics until that moment, because that's when I realized how many seasons do go by, and that mine should've been over. I was stopped in the opposite shoulder of the road from which I'd been driving with one wheel in the grass. As I looked up I began to flip out because until now I hadn't realized that I'd fallen asleep behind the wheel. I was staring at a metal guardrail, a telephone pole, and elevated train tracks that would have made me and my car like a spiraling football through the air. When I began to stir my car moved. My car was still in drive and my foot was on the brake, which is the direct opposite from where I last remembered it being, which was stomping on the gas. As I pulled away slowly still unable to believe what had just happened, I asked God what I did to deserve such love. Part of me was wishing it would have happened. The other part of me stayed wondering why it hadn't. I buried this emotion, however, and kept on trucking the way I had been going, and the next two years I became worse.

Now I had knowledge of God's presence, but I was in denial about it. I hid this, because I was a much desired drummer for the thrash and death metal worlds. People wanted fast, and I could only go faster. To me, it was a win-win scenario. In the winter of 2010, my best friend Jeremy and I went to see a fellow metal-head who lived on the top of a mountain on a gravel road. It was after the blizzard and the roads were all clear; except the gravel road he lived on. Knowing I had to work the next day I was anxious to get out of there before the temperature dropped in the evening, which happens a little sooner in the mountains. Bottom line - we were stuck, and my ambition to get off the mountain was blinding my common sense from seeing we could very well die with the stunt I was about to pull, which was gassing down the frozen hill and up over the other side. There were no guardrails on this road and I felt uneasy about this but unwilling to back away from this. I switched seats with Jeremy because I felt a whole lot better about him driving instead of me, even if it was to our doom. I've known Jeremy all my life which had to be why I was comfortable in doing something in front of him that I hadn't done in years. Something that at that time was clearly not metal, which was a prayer. I said it aloud. Until this moment I had kept my faith a secret, which was easy, because I thought I only had a little. The next series of events that took place I would've never imagined as a possibility; to be honest, to this day they still seem unclear as to how they could've happened. Needless to say the "punch it down the hill and up the other side" plan didn't work. In fact, we got close to the top till the other car came up over the opposite side of the hill and we swerved to miss it. With the loss of traction we began sliding down the hill and towards the edge when the car backed into something. We hit it hard and rolled forward away from the edge of the cliff to a stop. There was nothing there. Nothing that would've stopped the car from going over the edge, that is. In fact, every last detail I can remember over the course of one hour after I said my prayer led to us getting off of what I still call 'Ice Mountain". Including a mountain man who happened to have all the knowledge in the world about chaining tired, and even a spare set of chains he was willing to let two people whom he'd never met in his life, borrow. Still, to this day, we cannot get over how bizarre that night was. By this time, I was now telling people that I was a Christian. Even the people I was in bands with. Some thought it was weird, some thought it was cool I wasn't willing to sell out my beliefs and I gained their respect. I started thinking this was good, and that I could be a light in a very dark place, maybe even help a few out of the dark. Unfortunately, I didn't have all of the "tools" required for this undertaking. I realized this in April 2013 a few months after the last death metal band I was in disbanded. I wanted to find a new band, and not to mention a few new friends for a new start. Something Sarah said to be impossible without the Internet, which I don't even use. She said, it's not like somebody is just going to walk by when you're playing one day and knock on the door; which was almost exactly what happened two weeks later when I opened the door to see Charles standing in my front lawn. This person not only was the most amazing guitarist I've ever met, but the first Christian friend I had made in a decade. Whether or not he knew it, he had reawakened my love of talking about God, and randomly reading from the Bible. The jams were amazing, but nearly paled in comparison to our frequent God-talks, which I enjoyed more and more each time. That summer, Sarah and I had made plans to be married and we were referred to Pastor Matt. I was a little uneasy about this cause I had absolutely no desire whatsoever to go to a church, let alone talk to a pastor. The more we talked to him, though, the more genuine he seemed, and in August he married us. One month later, I was invited to Soul Purpose Community Church for teh 2nd time; the 1st invitation was from Pastor Matt during the premarital counseling. This time, though, the invitation came from my brother, who I have always looked up to, no matter how different we are. I turned down the invite because it came during my dark time in the fall due to the anniversaries of my friends whom have passed. However, Justin wouldn't give up on me so easily. He took me to a metal show for my birthday, and little did he know he was about to change my life forever. I knew Justin had begun the process of studying to become a pastor, what I didn't know was how he was about to show me not only how much he knew, but also how much better he was than me at being the very thing I had aspired to be 4 years before, "the light in a very dark place." Without going into any detail, I just want to say that this night is talked about often in my house, and referred to as "Justin was Jesus at a metal show." Not even a week after this I told Sarah that I wanted to attend a service at Justin's church, and Sarah nearly fell out of her chair. I had been missing something about being a Christian. The most important thing there is, Jesus the Christ, the one and only true Messiah. We started attending regularly after our first visit, and the first time I came here without Sarah I knew something weird was going on. That weird is spiritual fulfillment, and it never ceases to amaze me, and I have made a promise to Pastor Matt, and to myself, that it never will. I wish this same amazement of fulfillment upon all who have come to Christ, and to all who have yet to come to him. Amen. Since I have invited Christ into my life, I have been more relaxed, I worry about things less. Jesus is a common conversational topic in our house now and my wife and I read the Bible together every night. I have become more focused on the things that matter and pay more attention to the important things in life. Having Jesus in my life has changed my attitude about so many things and brought a peace to my life. I pray that these changes continue and my relationship with Christ continues to grow.