Clint Woods

I accepted Jesus as my savior when I was 12 years old. By the time I was 15, you never would have guessed by my actions that I was a Christian. I was using drugs and drinking most every day. Most of the time it was fun; for me. Nearly 30 years later it was no longer fun. Although I had stopped using drugs several years earlier, my alcohol use increased greatly. So here I was 30 years later 2 divorces, 2 DUI’s, and several totaled cars unable to quit drinking. I tried lots of times to quit but unsuccessfully. Most of this time I attended church all the while trying to hide my addiction.

I started praying that God would just take my desire to drink away. Every year since I’ve been attending SPCC, we’ve had a day set aside for 24 hours of prayer. Pastor Matt and Pastor Allen asked us to take an hour to come to the church and pray. My wife Cathy and I always try to go pray for an hour. Some people wrote out their prayers and pinned them to a cross, for other members to pray over. Three years ago I didn’t need an hour. Fed up and broken and smelling like alcohol I wrote my prayer down and stuck it directly in the center of that cross. It simply said, “I’m a drunk and can’t quit”; (unaware that my wife had written down her prayer 1 year earlier asking God to make me quit drinking and stuck it right in the middle of that same cross.)

Almost a year later, I got another DUI on my way home from work. Sitting in jail that night, thinking that the 3rd divorce was coming along with the financial destruction that a DUI usually brings; I prayed again, and again (there’s plenty of time for that in jail) for help to quit drinking. When they let me out the next day, I went home, opened the fridge and threw out all the beer, found my stash whiskey and threw that out also. That was over 2 years ago. I haven’t had or wanted a drink since then. God gave me a new life.