Sarah Moyer

Before I came to Christ my life really didn't have a focus. I was wondering trying to find what I wanted to do with my life. People would have described me as a happy go lucky person. I was easily distracted and led by those around me. I was a very self centered person even though most around me would not have described me that way. Yes, I cared about others but I always did what was best for me also. I was raised Catholic so I went to church when I could and prayed when I remembered but I was unaware that there was supposed to be a closer relationship with Christ than that. God was still working in my life even though I didn't realize it. Looking back, I know he has saved my life and led me in the right direction many times. He changed my life the most when I went to Virginia Tech, now I know God sent me there so I could find Him again and bring me closer to Him. My first semester there was a major culture shock. No one really talked to one another and just passed each other by. My first week of classes I met a girl named Amber. She was from a small town like me and was shocked when I spoke to her. It was one of those things where two people just happen to be in the same place at the same time. We were instant friends and became very close very quickly. She was raised in a very strict religious home, and had a close relationship with Jesus. One day after we had been hanging out a lot, she came over to my apartment and told me she had a dream I had died and gone to hell. She asked me if I was saved, did I know that Jesus was my Lord and Savior. I told her we had talked about my upbringing and I knew Jesus died for me. She then asked, yes but have you told him that? I was speechless for a moment, I had to tell him? Didn't he already know? She explained to me what a real relationship with Jesus should be and offered to pray with me as I accepted him into my heart. I told Him I was sorry I had never accepted him before, that I did not know. I asked Him to forgive me and asked Him to come into my heart, that I knew he was my Savior and the only way to salvation. Since then I have been changing, though I did not change overnight, I look back and am amazed at the changes God has brought to my life and to those around me. I started by going back to church more often and praying more often. Though the most significant changes have happened very recently and I am praying they continue. I have seen God answer prayers I have been praying for a long time, especially for my Husband. We have found a new Church family, and are attending regularly. I have started to read my Bible more, and I find the more I read it the more I see Him working in my life through others and through his word.

Now this part I just feel led to tell you so I want to share it and hope that this speaks to some of you. The Biggest change I have seen happened very recently after I set myself a challenge to read the Bible all the way through. Well if any of you have tried to read the Bible all the way through, you know how hard it is, especially in the beginning. I was not even a quarter of the way through when I started thinking "God, I just need Jesus." "How much farther to the New Testament?" "I can't read this anymore." "When does the good stuff start happening, how does any of this apply to me today?" Well about that time it was nearing Christmas and we had just started coming here to Soul Purpose. Pastor Matt asked us to look at the different Gospels and see the differences in the way they portrayed Jesus. So I skipped to the New Testament and have been reading it ever since. When I started really reading the Bible every day I found myself praying more, looking for God's plan in my life, and relying on myself less. I started to listen to the Christian radio station and one day I heard them give a challenge to listen to nothing but Christian music for 30 days and see how it changes your life. I felt led to start reading Christian books instead of the normal junk I have always been addicted to. You may think that this sounds a little extreme and I know it is not for everyone, but just try to cut out some of the things that do not have good messages in them and see how addicting they really are. See how much time you actually spend thinking about the next episode of "True Blood" or the next sequel that may or may not be coming out for the "Twilight" series. I can guarantee it will come to mind more often than you think it will. They take up more and more of your time, become more important to you and eventually start to get in the way of the more important things in life. I also have found that even if I only have time to read a small amount of God's word every day, even if it is just a paragraph or even a sentence, it helps keep you connected and feel closer to God and Jesus. I have also found that God has a way of almost always making sure that what you are reading relates to something you are going through or you will find the next day that you will use that knowledge. These past few months I have felt closer to Jesus and to God than I have ever thought possible. I hope to be blessed enough that these changes will continue in the future and that my relationship with Christ and with God will continue to grow stronger. I have no idea what God has in my future but I look forward to it with a new found peace and faith that God will lead me where I need to go to fulfill His plan for my life.